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Sochi Russian City Information
Sep 08, 2012

Sochi is a luxurious Russian destination situated to the right of the Black Sea.  It is at Krasnodar and within close proximity to Sokhumi.  Over the next few years, this tourist destination will obtain a lot of attention because the Olympic Winter Games and Paralympics Winter Games will be held at Sochi.  These events will shed some much needed light to this resort city.  Many of the Russian elite view this town as somewhat of a subtropical resort.

Temperatures in the area are generally higher than many other places in the country where natural flora and fauna are climatically allowed to flourish.  Millions of vacationers choose Sochi as the place to be, as the city has a lot to offer tourists.  Despite favourable conditions in terms of environment and weather, the challenge of attracting international tourists still exists.  This is specifically because of the language barrier that is very difficult for many to overcome.

Over 1.5 thousand years ago, the settlers of Sochi were from the Lazica and Abkhazia kingdoms and they build architectural establishments on the outskirts of the city.  Sochi was involved in other historical periods, including the Ottoman Empire rule, Caucasian War, Russo-Turkish War, the mission of Vixen, Crimean War, Russian Civil War, etc.

A large variety of ethnic groups, e.g. Greeks, Armenians, Ukrainians, Tatars, Jews, etc. exists in harmony and it is considered to me the most culturally-diverse part of Russia.  Sochi is divided into districts: Adler District, Khosta District, Lazarevskoye District and the Central Sochi District.

Recommended historical attractions include the Lao Temple, Stalin's Summer Residence, Godlik Fortress and the Stalinist Period Empire Style buildings.  There are many museums for those who love to explore artifacts and other cultural and traditional items on display.  Such as the Sochi History Museum, Museum of Sochi Sport honour, Art Gallery of Wood Plastic and the Sochi Art Museum.  Monuments can be found dispersed in all parts of Sochi.  For example, the Golden Fleece, the Singing Fountains, Anchor and Cannon, the Feat for Life memorial, Olympic Countdown Clock, Zavokzalny War Memorial, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin.

For those who prefers something a little more laid back, heading towards the closes park always proves to be a great idea.  Frunze Park, Riviera Park, Dendrarium and Park of Southern Cultures are not to be missed.  The Sochi Olympic Park will host competitions and events at venues such as the Figure Skating and Short Trek Centre, Sochi Curling Centre, Central Stadium, Bolshoi Ice Palace, as well as the Olympic Village, and the Family Hotel.  The park provides additional facilities, including the Formula 1 race track, a leisure park, the Russian International Olympic University and a few more.

Visitors to Sochi are also encouraged to explore wildlife expositions including the Oceanarium at Riviera Park, Adler Dolphinarium, Sochi Discovery World Aquarium, and the Monkey Nursery Center.  Other attractions and activities are also recommended: Mount Akhun, Agurskoe Canyon, 33 waterfalls, Trout Farm, Akhtyrshskaya Cave, and many more.  Dagomys Tea-Party Houses, at the Sochi National Park.  Boat tours are also a great idea for visitors who might enjoy the excursions.  It might be useful to learn some Russian while visiting.