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Type of Man That Odessa Girls Search For
Mar 10, 2013


People come in all shapes and sizes, and they offer a wide range of personality traits. Some will get along instantly and others will require a lot of time and effort to find some level of common ground.  For centuries, tradition has implanted in our minds certain qualities that are deemed ideal in a partner.  The media has done a great job in consolidating this indoctrination.    Thus exists the set type of perfect qualities every woman wants in a man, and she would even spend her whole life searching for such a man.


The Gentleman

Even if we live in a world that now insists on equality for all genders, this does not mean that women do not appreciate the traditional mannerisms of a “typical” gentleman.  This includes fetching his lady from her home right before a date, opening the car door, pulling out a chair for her at the dinner table, and yes, even paying for the meal.  There is also the expected courtesy of walking her from the car to her doorstep.  A gentleman is a guy that any woman would want to tell her friends about, and perhaps even her parents.


The Tycoon

Not all women are gold-diggers, that is a fact.  But almost all women love their man to be successful.  His success, especially in terms of his career goes hand in hand with financial security.  This ensures that any woman he chooses to marry will not need to worry about bringing food to the table and stressing about making ends meet.  This also means that he can treat her to the typical material things that many women enjoy, such as perfume, jewelry, clothing, bags and shoes; material things that can turn Cinderella into a princess fit for the ball.


Prince Charming

A charming man can have his pick of all the women he knows, or even the ones he’s just met.  Charm exists in personality and character.  If he is someone who is extremely likeable to the people around him, then he will be likeable to the women he meets.  The typical behavior of most women, is this: if each girl friend likes this one guy in particular and wants to date him, the girl he asks out will feel privileged to go out with him.  There is also a higher chance that a woman will accept to go out on a date with a guy that most girls want to be with.


The Model

Physical attraction is the first feature that draws anyone’s attention to someone else.  If a man is gorgeous, this might be the immediate reason for a woman to want to go out with him.  Whether it is because she wants to have a greater chance of having children that looks equally gorgeous, or simply because she wants to be seen with someone who is both tall and good looking.  It is a well-known fact that looks don’t last and that inner beauty far exceeds the value of outer beauty.  However, one cannot deny the forces that strongly pulls us towards someone’s good looks.

There are many other characteristics of men that attracts women to them.  This even includes men in uniform such as a fireman, the policemen, men in the army, and so on. As well as plumbers who are good with their hands and are skilled at fixing the water pipes in the house.  These are the typical type of men that women are generally attracted to.  However, there are all types of women for all types of men and no matter what type of guy he is, there is a woman who will be attracted to him.