Cooking Russian Food
Dec 03, 2013

Russian cuisine isn't really known to well among international cuisines. Russian food mostly consists of a large variety of soups,... more

How to Ask a Russian Woman Out on a Date
Aug 26, 2012

Women are constantly being hit on and asked out. This is the gender that receives a lot of attention... more

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Type of Man That Odessa Girls Search For
Mar 10, 2013


People come in all shapes and sizes, and they offer a wide range of personality traits. Some will get along...more

Yekaterinburg City
Sep 08, 2012

Yekaterinburg of Sverdlovsk Oblast is one of the largest cities in Russia and can be found on the close to...more

Russian Country Information to date Russian Girls
Sep 08, 2012

Russia is a very large country, in fact the largest in the world.  It is situated in the easternmost part...more

Sochi Russian City Information
Sep 08, 2012

Sochi is a luxurious Russian destination situated to the right of the Black Sea.  It is at Krasnodar and within...more

Moscow City
Sep 08, 2012

Moscow is Russia's capital city and it is also the most well-known Russian city throughout the world.  It is the...more

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