Cooking Russian Food
Dec 03, 2013

Russian cuisine isn't really known to well among international cuisines. Russian food mostly consists of a large variety of soups,... more

How to Ask a Russian Woman Out on a Date
Aug 26, 2012

Women are constantly being hit on and asked out. This is the gender that receives a lot of attention... more

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Can I change my e-mail  or password?

You can change your email going to "edit your profile" option page. In that page you can change more information and other preferences about you.

After you've made the changes, click "Save" at bottom of the webpage.

How does "My Matches" works?

My Matches shows the profiles that you set in your "search preferences" in the "edit profile" webpage.


Single men use the site to get married?

Yes! Lots of single men meet real girls from Russia or Ukraine and started a relationship. We are success making happy hundreds of couples across the World.


How I contact a Girl?

You can use the Search Option or register for free. Then sign in and search for the girl you like and use the Send Wink Option. If you registered you can see the Contact Information field in the profile of the girl.



How do I edit my profile? 

To change your profile, you must click "Edit Profile" in the Members Panel. Once you update your information save the changes.

Remember to upload a picture of you to be more success.