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Dealing With Language Barriers in Relationships
Aug 26, 2012

In many countries of a homogenous population, some people will notice a certain attraction to someone who looks and sounds different. Some people take pride in having a partner that looks exotic, and others would like their children to have a mixed heredity. It can be quite fun at the beginning of any new relationship where the couple are from different countries or regions. This is because occasionally, people want to experience something new.

The great thing about being with someone who isn’t originally from your hometown or country is being able to learn about their culture, which may be very interesting and very different from your own. In a lot of ways it might even be quite amusing.

Interracial relationships are becoming more and more popular these days and many mixed-race kids are being born. This interests a lot of people, because although there are many societies and groups that are not yet comfortable with such relationships or marriages, it seems to be enjoyable for those who are actually involved. It is also quite common for people not to be attracted to people of their own kind or specifically, someone who has physical attributes that are too similar from theirs. Men and women who date out of their race sometimes do so out of curiosity and it also helps them widen their knowledge and allows them to maintain an open mind.

That said, a couple who are not from the same country is in a relationship just like anyone else. The problems faced are those that any two people might have. However, despite all the advantages, it might actually be even more difficult for two people of a different culture and language to make it work. This is because with any relationship, a couple will face issues of jealousy, financial problems, disagreements, etc. But when you sprinkle a different culture and a possible language barrier, the more difficult the challenge.

Communication is a vital factor in any relationship. A couple who successfully works through their problem are those with the patience and skills to communicate and resolve their differences. Language barriers make this task a very difficult one indeed. If one person is trying to explain their point in a serious matter, the language difference might cause a constant misunderstanding which in turn might bring about negative opinions one might have on their partner. Once in a while, both persons in the relationship will find it quite a relief to communicate with someone of the opposite gender, in his or her mother-tongue. This feeling of familiarity with someone else, might be strong enough to jeopardize the relationship.

This doesn’t mean that there is no solution to problems faced with language barriers. If both man and woman are from different countries and are speaking two separate languages, but they have found a common language in which they can communicate in (e.g. universal English or French), it might be very helpful if they take classes for each other’s mother-tongue. This does not mean that they are going to fix every single language problem that might arise. But this means an effort exists and it will mean so much to their partner. It will also be important for them to learn in detail, their other half’s cultures and traditional beliefs to further understand them. This will benefit the relationship a great deal.