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Dec 03, 2013

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How to Ask a Russian Woman Out on a Date
Aug 26, 2012

Women are constantly being hit on and asked out. This is the gender that receives a lot of attention... more

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How to Ask a Russian Woman Out on a Date
Aug 26, 2012

Women are constantly being hit on and asked out. This is the gender that receives a lot of attention from their male counterpart and with reason. Women are beautiful creatures that men just absolutely fall in love with. A masculine man who is the ‘alpha’ in his pact can go weak at his knees simply at the sight of the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately, it is not so easy for some guys to ask women out. They haven’t a clue. It is important to remember that most women will consider an offer if they are single and looking. So if he plays his cards right, any man will be able to land the lady he loves.

A man who is looking for a date with just anyone should just throw offers to any decent lady. It is vital not to focus on ‘rejections’. If a girl cannot go out for any reason, accept it and move on. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it will never happen with this particular girl. It simply means not immediately or not at that moment. She might be willing to consider going on a date in the near future. However, a guy who only has one person in his heart will have to be very careful. He will have to ask the girl out at the right place and time.

Looking very presentable goes a long way in asking someone out on a date. This is because a first impression goes a long way. If the two people already know each other however, it might be very useful to look good because most women are attracted to handsome men. Shave, and use aftershave as well as deodorant and perfume. Do not use too much or the scent might be too much to the point of being offensive. This can be quite embarrassing. So sprinkle enough for that hint of fragrance. The breath should also be as fresh as it gets!

The next step is to choose the right place at the right time to ask her out. Guys who are easily humiliated by rejection might want to pull the girl aside so they can talk in private, away from being heard by anyone else too close by. If the girl has some time for small chatter, strike up a conversation. It doesn’t have to be of something specific. But it should be noted that controversial topics that might be offensive to her should be avoided. Ask her about the things she enjoy doing, and reply by answering the same question. That way, it is a mutual learning process. Keep the conversation short and as simple as possible. Try to maneuver the dialogue in a way to find out what sort of food she enjoys.

It is a mistake for many guys to ask a girl that he just met on a date. The easiest way might be to ask her out for something less extravagant and something more likely for her to say yes to. This especially includes asking her out for coffee or a snack. Everyone eats, so it is more probable for the lady to accept the invitation. A good impression would be that the host pays for the meal! Remember to make sure that your date reaches home safely.