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Things to do on a First Date with a Russian Lady
Jul 12, 2012

The hard part is over and the woman you have asked out on a date has finally agreed to give you an opportunity to showcase qualities that she may be looking for in a male counterpart.  Although going out on a simple first date sounds relatively straightforward, remember that first impressions count and in a lot of cases it goes a very long way.  So this is a man’s time to shine.  Many people consider the first date very important because if it results in a serious relationship this is something that they will always look back on.  So make it count! If you have absolutely no idea what to do on your first date, the following are tips and suggestions that you might want to take into consideration.

Fine Wine and Dining

Ladies might be offended at the thought of a man putting a price on her time and attention.  Some women like a guy who is simple and isn’t obsessed with his wealth or financial abilities.  However, an elegant night out with someone on a first date would be a great idea.  This is because most women love to dress up and show their outfit at high-end establishments.  Showing a woman that you can afford such places also presents financial stability, which is a positive direction to move forward to if you are aiming for a serious relationship.  If it is not within your budget, any simple restaurant or pizza place would suffice.  Ultimately, the main goal is to spend time talking to her and trying to find out if you are both compatible as people.

Coffee Break

Some people prefers a very relaxed ambience.  That way, nobody is nervous about table manners or anything else that might get in the way of just being yourself.  So taking her out for coffee might be a great idea.  That way, it opens the pathway for proper conversation, at a place that is not quite as intimidating as restaurants.  On the upside, it is also relatively affordable.

The Beach

Many people find that taking a stroll on the beach is a very romantic thing to do.  The sand beneath your feet and the waves splashing over them, as well as the beautiful natural scenery that presents itself.  It’s relatively quiet and a great place to get to know each other in a casual setting.  You can also chase each other and even go swimming.  If you prefer something that requires less walking then a picnic basket will be a great addition to the fun on the beach.

Theme or Amusement Park

Seeing the fun and adventurous side of someone is a criteria that many men want to see in a lady.  They want to see that she can let her hair down once in a while and simply enjoy the adrenaline rush of roller coasters, boating, and even horse riding.

There is a certain consensus that people who go out on a first date should go to the movies.  However, it is possibly the worst choice of a first date venue because the two people will be spending an hour or so sitting next to each other but not getting to know about each other.