Cooking Russian Food
Dec 03, 2013

Russian cuisine isn't really known to well among international cuisines. Russian food mostly consists of a large variety of soups,... more

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Aug 26, 2012

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Cooking Russian Food
Dec 03, 2013

Russian cuisine isn't really known to well among international cuisines. Russian food mostly consists of a large variety of soups, meats, potatoes, cabbage and breads. But there is absolutely no reason for you to think that Russian food is bland and boring. In fact, Russians tend to be quite clever when it comes to cooking. If you are roaming the streets of St. Petersburg, you will find quite a few eateries all around. Some of the most popular dishes served in Russia include blini, borscht, pelmeni, vareniki, bubliki and golubtsi. Russian food is often served along with bread. Black bread is on such popular bread and if you ever get an opportunity to try any of the above mentioned dishes, chances are you will be more than satisfied.

Blini is a quick meal which is sort of similar to crepes. Blini is found almost everywhere in Russia whether you visit a cafe, restaurant or just a stand on the street. Blini is easy to make and is quite cheap as well. What's more, you can even fill it with anything. Whether you add chocolate or sour cream, you will always crave some more.

Borscht is an incredibly famous dish. It is a traditional Russian-Ukrainian soup which contains a lot of essential minerals and vitamins. There are various types of borscht available all over the country. You can add meat, potatoes, beets, dill, cabbage, carrots and even sour cream to it. Not many people know that Borscht usually tastes better 24 hours after preparation. Borscht can be consumed for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whether it is hot or cold, it will surely fill your stomach to brim.

Pelmeni and Vareniki are another couple of great Russian dishes. They are quite similar to each other and are both favorites in many parts of Russia. Pelmini could be compared to small dumplings. They are usually stuffed with meat & are consumed along with sour cream. Vareniki is like a pirogi and cab be filled with cheese, potatoes or any other filling. So you see the basic difference between both these dishes is that one contains meat while the other doesn't.

Bubliki is like a donut which goes quite well with tea or coffee. It can be quite a nice treat in the morning and is filling as well.

Golubtsi is stuffed cabbage which is marinated in various different sauces. You can pack a whole cabbage with anything from rice to meat to peppers to onions. This is a great dish to order while having dinner at a restaurant. But, if you really want to eat some tasty Golubtsi you have to try and find some homemade Golubtsi.

Russian food is probably one of the least known cuisines in the entire world. But still, most of these dishes are quite simple to make and filling as well. Russia has a very long history of oppression, war and suffering and I'm sure many people will be happy to know that there is more to Russia than just violence.